Variety Of Washington State

Checking out The Variety Of Washington State

Washington State exhibits some of the most diverse geographical and climate features of any state in the United States of America. From east-to-west and north-to-south, the state reveals a variety of terrain, geology, temperatures, and populations. Eastern Washington and Western Washington, divided by the Cascade Mountains, show some particularly contrasting landscapes.

Western Washington

Without a doubt the more populated region of Washington, the western part of the state is also the location that feels the force of the near famous rainy weather. The I-5 Passage stretches north-to-south and goes through communities like Bellingham, Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and Vancouver on its way from Canada to Mexico. In the north near the Canadian border and the city of Bellingham, the land is forested in a lot of places right as much as Puget Noise. Winters are harshest here compared to the rest of Western Washington however are very manageable. Bellingham is also home to one of the six state universities, Western Washington University.

The Seattle-Tacoma area is home to the biggest concentration of individuals in the state of Washington Seattle is also business and financing capital of the state and home to professional sports franchises along with the University of Washington. Seattle has a dynamic downtown area highlighted by the waterside and world-famous Pike Location Market. Ferryboat service is important to Seattle and the rest of Western Washington as many population centers lie on and around Puget Sound. Seattle sits right on Interstate 5 which runs north-to-south and is also at the westernmost end of the I-90 which is the longest Interstate highway in the United States (the other end of I-90 is in Boston, Massachusetts). SeaTac Airport, serving the whole state and a significant jump-off point for flights to Alaska, Hawaii, and Asia is located between Seattle and Tacoma. Looking for a Professional Fitness Club gym in Tacoma? check this site out.


To the south, Olympia is the state capital and house to The Evergreen State College. Olympia’s weather condition is similar to Seattle’s and it too sits on Puget Sound. Olympia is a kind of center for travelers as from there you can go west to the Pacific Ocean, northwest to the Olympic Peninsula, east to Mount Rainier, north to Seattle and even more on to Canada, and south to the lower Waterfall Mountains and Oregon.

The most northwestern portion of Washington State is known as the Olympic Peninsula. The Olympic Peninsula is home to Olympic National Park, Typhoon Ridge, Dungeness Spit, Neah Bay, the Hoh Rain Forest, and a lot more. Popular with travelers, it is possible in one day on the Olympic Peninsula to go from the beaches of Puget Noise to the old-growth forest and mountain peaks of the Olympic National Forest, to the one and only tropical rain forest in the continental United States, and finally to the Pacific Ocean.

South of the Olympic Peninsula sits the seaside locations of Ocean Shores, Grays Harbor, and Long Beach. This area of the state, though stunning, is mainly concentrated on ocean-based tourism, lumber, and marine markets. Additional south is the city of Vancouver which sits right throughout the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

Eastern Washington.

The second most populated city in Washington State, behind Seattle, is Spokane which is located in Eastern Washington near the border with Idaho. North of Spokane is the sparsely populated Colville area and further on is the Canadian border. This northeast corner of the state has what can be described as dry arid forests. Spokane is home to many of the typical things you find in mid-sized cities like minors sports, various colleges, large parks with many occasions, and significant media outlets. Interstate 90 runs right through Spokane and is the significant east-west path across the state. Simply beyond Spokane is the community of Cheney which is house to Eastern Washington University.

South of the Spokane area in the southeastern section of Washington State, here lies the other major state university, Washington State University in Pullman. Walla and the Tri-Cities (including Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick) location are the major population centers of Southeast Washington. The land here was initially natural meadow and meadows but has been for the most part altered over to farming and agriculture thanks to the irrigation projects on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.

The Central Washington area is usually the term explaining the area surrounding Ellensburg and Yakima. Ellensburg is home to Central Washington University and the Ellensburg Rodeo. Ellensburg also sits right on I-90 and is among the last towns you stop at before heading over the Cascade Mountains to Western Washington. Yakima is the primary population center in Central Washington and also a travel hub. From Yakima, you can go southeast towards the Tri-Cities, south to Oregon, east towards Moses Lake and Spokane, north to Ellensburg, and west crossing the Cascade Mountains by means of White Pass to Western Washington. There are areas of Central Washington that are arid sufficient to in fact certify as desert land. Thanks to irrigation, the Central Washington area is an extremely effective farming location. Wheatfields, grape vineyards, apple and pear orchards, and more cover the landscape of Central Washington.

Wenatchee is the most populated city in the North Central Washington area. The southern and main part of the North Central Washington area is scarred arid land sculpted by a huge glacial epoch era flood that covered the majority of Eastern Washington. This flood developed substantial gouges that look like canyons and valleys and are called coulees. The Columbia River controls the North Central Washington area and the energy and irrigation made possible by its hydroelectric dams have been a benefit to the area. The gem of these is the Grand Coulee Dam situated about two hours northeast of Wenatchee. The Grand Coulee Dam backs up water all the way to the Canadian border. Likewise in the vicinity of Grand Coulee Dam is Banks Lake, a manmade lake made by damming and filling a coulee with water pumped from the Columbia River listed below. Downstream from Grand Coulee Dam is Chief Joseph Dam which is the second-biggest producer of hydroelectric power in the country. Lake Chelan is the biggest natural lake in Washington State and sits near the geographic center of the state. At the northwestern end of the lake sits the town of Stehekin which you can just reach by boat, hiking path, or water aircraft – no roadways lead there. To the north sits what is referred to as the Okanogan nation, right on the border with Canada. Rocky rugged forests satisfy dry steppe lands to make a few of the most lovely country in the United States.

The Cascade Mountains

The Waterfall Mountains run typically from north-to-south dividing the State of Washington in half. There are five mountains in the Waterfalls that are classified as active volcanoes; Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams. The Waterfall Mountains get an excessive amount of snow throughout the winter season and are a preferred place to head for anyone with interests in hiking, snowboarding, mountain climbing, rock climbing, camping, fishing, searching, mountain cycling, and more.

There you have it when it pertains to variety in environments and terrain; no other state can match Washington State. Home to contemporary cities, a real tropical rain forest, desert-like conditions, a major mountain range, Puget Sound, the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River, and tons of other lakes and rivers, Washington State has it all. Whether you live there currently or are planning a checkout – check out Washington State today.

Truth About Stump Removal Business


The truth about stump removal

As someone who has many trees, and who has had to do a wide variety of things to them, I think it’s important that you know that there is a real way to get the best when it comes to stump removal. First off, it’s important to remember that stump removal has very little to do with working hard, but instead it’s all about working hard, and when you hire a company that decides they are going to work for you in removing your tree stump, that you need to be on point, and let them know that it’s not about hard work, but it is about working smart to get what you need when you need it. After all, the truth as I see it about stump removal is that it’s not hard to remove a stump, but it can be challenging to find the right company.

Cost analysis with stump removal

So yeah, the reality is that when it comes to stump removal, that it can be costly if you make the wrong decision, and go with the wrong company, so that’s why it’s important to make sure that you go with a company that actually knows the tricks of the trade. They need to know such things as the size of the stump, stump removal ratio, and a whole lot more. They also need to know many other things, such as how much time they are going to spend, and how many men it will take, and how to be fair in removing your stump. Without knowing these things, you can guarantee, that you’re working with the wrong company, when it comes to removing your stump, and not getting what you truly want and need. Sometimes its easier to get professional help from companies like tree service Wilmington.

Unlike anything else

Unlike other things with trees like tree pruning and tree cutting, it’s important to remember that when it comes to stump removal that you can guarantee that you need to have people who know what they’re doing from start to finish and a whole lot more. The reason that stump removal is different is because there is literally no margin for error, because if the stump is not removed correctly, it can and does cause an eye sore, and this is something I have seen firsthand. The reality comes down to the fact that a stump must be removed properly, because if it is not removed properly, you will find that your property will look awful, and unlike a bad pruning job, you cannot just make adjustments, and go from there. Trust me guys and gals, make sure that you remove your stump with the experts, and make sure that you know who the experts are, and make sure that the experts are people who can and will offer you the best when it comes to a successful stump removal that not only looks great, but one that is on point, and truly one of a kind.

In the construction industry you really have to learn a lot about tree removal and land clearing first.

Know your roots & See the Glory


I am unsure of how many home and business owners know and understand tree root disturbance. This occurs when the roots of a tree is compromise or disturb, if you will, by any type of activities. Such as, but not limited to, construction, landscaping, sprinkler system installation, anything that requires the ground to be punctured or dug up. Anytime you dig, at least twelve inches into the ground you will more likely than not hit a tree roots. The roots of the trees are impacted by the changes that we make into the ground and it may not become apparent until five, 10, or fifteen years down the line. Anytime you see a tree that looks as a giant pulled it out of the ground and placed it in a yard or on top of a house, roots exposed, the likely cause of this is root disturbance.

Any trees roots system is either going to be structural roots or feeder roots.


Structural roots are like the foundation of a house. They provide support and grounding allowing the tree to stand upright and not fall over onto your brand new car. When looking a tree underground you will notice that it roots flare out like an umbrella turn inside out. This flaring of the roots is refer to as root flare. Quite aptly name, I might add. By securing it, tap root it grows and expands by creating new roots and root shoots. These roots can flare out for many, many feet. When we did and cut these roots up the tree’s structural systems becomes weak causing it to tip over, roots and all. To avoid this type of ending to your tree and your property when digging stay at least eight inches from the trunk the tree. In any directions.


The other main roots system is the feeder roots. These are those little, skinny roots that look like veins. They function to pull water and minerals from the ground in order to feed the tree. When these roots are damage, or destroyed, the tree is unable to feed itself. Causing it to become weak. These small roots are not just damage from cuts. They can also be damage from heavy equipment being stored on the ground above them. Or by cars and truck constantly driving over them. If you see a tree whose leaves pale in color, or the limbs are drooping over, early shedding occurs, there is a great chance that its feeder roots been compromised. In addition, the tree is not getting the nutrients and water that it needs. The sun is there in the summer, so it grows even faster.

If you notice any of these signs of damage to your trees. Or have done anything of these things to your yard causing such as installing a sprinkler system or landscaping, and some of a tree’s roots was dug up. Then you should consult an arborist immediately. An arborist will come out and assess the damage to the tree and how it can be remedied. It is better to have something like this look at and taken care of before the tree falls over on your home, your car, or worst you or one of your family members.

One good company if you’re in Lansing is

My introduction into the tree service world


It was hard starting out in the tree service industry. It is such a male dominated industry. It always has been. Even today during the time for female liberation and gender equality the number of women in the tree service industry is incredibly less than the men. Nevertheless, even with this entire stack against me I was able to learn to climb, prune, fell, cable and brace a tree. I love climbing the most. In fact, that what drew me to tree servicing? I was so good that my boss and number one investor encourage going to school and getting a business and arboriculture degree. He said that if I successfully complete my program he would give me the money to open up my own tree service business. Therefore, that is exactly what I did.

To me it seem like a natural fit for me to enter into the tree service industry. As far back as I can remember I have loved the outdoors. I remember as a kid skipping school to climb trees and walk the trails through the woods in my back yard. Always discovering and noting the different type of trees, plants, and animals, I came across. As a present, my grandpa give me a camera, so I can document my findings. I would spend hours in those woods.

When I was in high school, the fitness center, added a rock-climbing wall. It was neat too. With its different levels of difficulties depending which area, you scale. After my first attempt, I fell in love. In addition, it was immediately that I decided I wanted to be a rock climber. Instead of throwing myself in to nature and now shifted my focus to rock climbing. Let me tell you I was great too. Not too long after I started, I gain some national recognition. I was approach by a company that sold fitness equipment and shoes. They ask if they could sponsor me. After discussion with my parents and our lawyer, we came to an agreement with the company. I was a sophomore in high school and sponsored athlete. It was amazing. However, my junior year I was involved in an accident injured my hands.


After graduating, I did a few odd jobs trying to figure out what to do with my life like a towing job. My cousin, Zayn, told me about a place that was hiring. Looking for tree climbers. He said with my rock climbing background I would be a great tree climber. With nothing to lose and nothing to else going on, I applied for the position. I was later hired.

At first, the people treated like a kid. It took a while for some of them to warm up to me. Nevertheless, once they realize that I could climb, I knew a little bit about trees, and a quick study I had earned their respect. In addition, they stopped treating my like a child and started treating me like a climber.

My boss noticing how quickly I noticed everything soon started showing me the business side of things. I was going over some spreadsheets when he approached me with the offer. Go to school and upon graduating, he will give me the money to start my own business. He said he saw something in me that he has never seen in any other employee.

That all was over twenty years ago. I now have a three lawn care services locations throughout southwestern Michigan, two in Indiana, one in both Illinois and Ohio. Just last week my old boss approached me about consolidating our businesses and creating a franchise. Sometimes you just have to toughen up to get stronger.

I love summer… How I met my wife


I love the summer. It seems the best things that ever happen to me happened in the summer. I met my best friend in the summer. I met, proposed, and married my wife in the summer. Now I will be expecting my first baby, a beautiful boy, and his due date is in the summer of course. Man, I love the summer. I even had my first kiss in the summer. And what a summer that was. I fell in love, out of love, and in love again! As only a 15 year can. I remember that summer like it was yesterday. In fact that’s the summer I met my wife, although at the time she was just a new girl that moved in next door.
Every summer my parents sent me down south to visit my family. I would stay with various relatives, one of my aunts or uncles, sometimes my grandparents. But this summer I stayed with my uncle Joe. Now Uncle Joe is a character. To this day I know why my mother thought he was suitable to care of a teenage boy. I had the best time living with Uncle Joe.

You see, my uncle owned a landscaping and tree servicing company click here to visit their site. In the morning I would help him on the job then my afternoons and evenings was completely my own. And Uncle Joe paid me well. For 4 or 5 hours of work I would make at least $500! Every week! Uncle Joe set a savings account for me so at the end of the week, on payday, I had to deposit all but $100 in it. Uncle Joe said it was for my college education.
After work I would jump on my bike and ride to the watering hole and fish. Some days when it was really hot I would go see a movie and eat shaved iced. One day on a particular hot day I decided I would go swimming then see a movie. I rode home to change my clothes and grab my swim trunks. As I was locking up to leave I noticed a moving truck and a car in the drive way next to my Uncle Joe’s house.

Curious I walked across the lawn to see who was moving in. This house had been abandon for years, Uncle Joe said it’s haunted. That’s why no one will buy it. But who knows? I walked over and was peering through window hoping to get a glance at our new neighbors and I hear, “you’re such creep. You could have just knocked on the door.” Embarrassed I turned around and saw the most beautiful girl. She had long, reddish-brown, curly hair, honey brown eyes, and a terrific smile and a dimple on her right cheek.

I was awestruck. I’ve never seen a girl like this. And she caught peeking into her house. I did in fact feel like a creep. I tried forming some type of apology but all that came out was, “will you marry me?” She laughed, stuck her hand out and said, “Hi, I’m Parker. What’s your name?” “Lee.” I said. Then she asked if I lived next door and I confirmed that I did. Then her mother called her to help. As she was leaving she turned to me and said, “Yes, I will marry you.” Giggled and walked into her house.
The whole summer we were inseparable. She even started working for Uncle Joe. But eventually the summer ended and it was time for me to return home. As Parker and I stood there saying our goodbyes she leaned over and kissed me. Every summer until I was eighteen I came back to Uncle Joe’s house. And every summer Parker and I were inseparable. After high school graduation I came back to Uncle Joe’s and asked to Parker to marry me again and again she agreed.

We were married the next summer, then attended college together. Because of Uncle Joe’s setting up that savings account for me and he had opened one up for Parker as well. We were able to use that money to pay for college. I kept working for Uncle Joe even while attending the university. After I graduated I took over his landscaping and tree trimming business. Parker is the local high school math teacher. My beautiful wife and I are expecting our first child this summer.
Summer is the best.

Stay tuned for more personal & interesting stories

The Standards of Our Lives: Giving Respect to Tree Service Crews


How do some people have healthier standards of life than others, in the tree service business I always like to say, you get what you paid for, if you pay just any old Joe Shmo from next door to take out big trees for you for dirt cheap, you better not have any property near those trees that it could potentially damage because let me tell you something…

How do some people have healthier standards of life than others, in the tree service business I always like to say, you get what you paid for, if you pay just any old Joe Shmo from next door to take out big trees for you for dirt cheap, you better not have any property near those trees that it could potentially damage because let me tell you something…

Taking out trees is one of the most dangerous jobs out there and if not done properly it can cause severe damages that can cost lots of money to repair. In my 40 years of tree service I have seen so many things go down it will never allow you to look at tree service the same, I have seen big trunks that fell on people’s houses and literally destroyed one side of the house, it can destroy decks and swimming pool, granted these accidents all occurred when I was working for my first company in the very beginning, and the owner kept hiring brand new staff because he was expanding too quickly.

Seeing all of these events has made me a very careful worker and built lots of respect for the profession. Tree service is not an easy ordeal, it is a massive task similar to taking down a tall building or tower, whenever you are dealing with that much height and heavy loads have to come down, the potential for big impact force is always present because gravity is always there looking to bring things back down to earth.

As I worked for this company and started wearing many hats in doing all this tree work I began to notice certain patterns in people that worked with us and how some individuals were more accident prone than other but not always, there seems to be whats called a “good” day and a “bad” day, where someone that you are working with and entrusting your life to, may have had his girlfriend break up with him the night before and now he is not fully present with the job site.

These things often times don’t get realized until its too late, but this is why it is imperative that you have a close relationship with your crew members in the tree industry so that the whole team can be honest with each other and there is a mutual respect among each other.

If the person respects you and sees you as a friend or brother, do you think he would put you in a situation where you life was at risk?

I once heard a a tree care veteran that used to be in the special forces of US military and he claims that the tree service line of work is the top of the ladder when it comes to special forces of the work industry, meaning its only the top 1% that can really handle this job. And to me when I first heard that I was pretty astonished because there is no way all the tree service guys that I worked with or that are my competition and in business around me are operating at that top 1% level.

The top 1% of population means that person is not only skilled but partly gifted in his ability to react and think on their own two feet and then make calls that can put people’s life on the line and be able to make those decisions quickly in moments notice.

I really respect and admire all tree service guys even if they were bottom of the barrel regular joe with a Chainsaw and purchased some climbing gear on the internet and decided to run his own tree service business, I still respect and commend these people because you just never know when and where these people are facing tremendously life threatening situations so that they can put food on the table for his family.

These are kind of the stories I want to share with this blog, so that people can begin to appreciate the local tree care guys and they deserve every penny of what they quote for.

Long hours in the tree removal business?

I once met a guy that was working 7 days a week and doing 12 hour days everyday in tree service business running with one bucket truck and chipper, his crew was doing jobs that would put most office workers on their ass the very next day with back and arm muscle so sore that you thought you ran across the world while you slept.

I don’t care who you are or how much experience you have, you can only go so far when doing 12 hour days for every single day with no breaks.

The mental and the physical will reach his limit, but the reason he kept pushing was because he had a standard for his life and his family’s life that he was going to get them to Cancun for spring break and he was going to buy a new home for them.

Sometimes it takes other family members to push you on to the next level because his grind turned his company into a million dollar operation and now he runs the tree business in Metro Detroit. Buff up or go home!