Buffing Up is a story about a man that runs his own life in business, he has experience in construction and tree service industry, and he shares his tale about the industry and all the crazy stuff that happens inside it from tree removal accidents to homeowner liability cases, I am a man with over 45 years experience in this game and I know a lot of insider information about this multi-billion dollar industry. It is one of the most lucrative business if you have connection, notice I said IF you have connections, this is why there are many at the top of this industry that didn’t get there by just hard work a lone,they had to pay their dues.

This blog is about exposing some of the stuff that goes within the industry from extortion to big money tree service business, the list goes on with how much potential there is to monopolize and capitalize with the highest gains and profits possible. It may be mind blowing to most people out there the amount of wealth that can be accumulated in this business and for those that’s wanting to learn more, follow this blog and I will lead you down deep down the rabbit hole of what is possible.

Hold on to your seats and hats ladies and gentleman this is about to be one hell of a ride, you will we mind blown and you will thank me later for it. If anyone is wanting to get to the top of their level in this business you must remember to take over the game. and in order to do so you need some cold hard facts and insights about the industry and I’m here to be an open book to you all. Stay tuned