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I am unsure of how many home and business owners know and understand tree root disturbance. This occurs when the roots of a tree is compromise or disturb, if you will, by any type of activities. Such as, but not limited to, construction, landscaping, sprinkler system installation, anything that requires the ground to be punctured or dug up. Anytime you dig, at least twelve inches into the ground you will more likely than not hit a tree roots. The roots of the trees are impacted by the changes that we make into the ground and it may not become apparent until five, 10, or fifteen years down the line. Anytime you see a tree that looks as a giant pulled it out of the ground and placed it in a yard or on top of a house, roots exposed, the likely cause of this is root disturbance.

Any trees roots system is either going to be structural roots or feeder roots.


Structural roots are like the foundation of a house. They provide support and grounding allowing the tree to stand upright and not fall over onto your brand new car. When looking a tree underground you will notice that it roots flare out like an umbrella turn inside out. This flaring of the roots is refer to as root flare. Quite aptly name, I might add. By securing it, tap root it grows and expands by creating new roots and root shoots. These roots can flare out for many, many feet. When we did and cut these roots up the tree’s structural systems becomes weak causing it to tip over, roots and all. To avoid this type of ending to your tree and your property when digging stay at least eight inches from the trunk the tree. In any directions.


The other main roots system is the feeder roots. These are those little, skinny roots that look like veins. They function to pull water and minerals from the ground in order to feed the tree. When these roots are damage, or destroyed, the tree is unable to feed itself. Causing it to become weak. These small roots are not just damage from cuts. They can also be damage from heavy equipment being stored on the ground above them. Or by cars and truck constantly driving over them. If you see a tree whose leaves pale in color, or the limbs are drooping over, early shedding occurs, there is a great chance that its feeder roots been compromised. In addition, the tree is not getting the nutrients and water that it needs. The sun is there in the summer, so it grows even faster.

If you notice any of these signs of damage to your trees. Or have done anything of these things to your yard causing such as installing a sprinkler system or landscaping, and some of a tree’s roots was dug up. Then you should consult an arborist immediately. An arborist will come out and assess the damage to the tree and how it can be remedied. It is better to have something like this look at and taken care of before the tree falls over on your home, your car, or worst you or one of your family members.

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