My introduction into the tree service world


It was hard starting out in the tree service industry. It is such a male dominated industry. It always has been. Even today during the time for female liberation and gender equality the number of women in the tree service industry is incredibly less than the men. Nevertheless, even with this entire stack against me I was able to learn to climb, prune, fell, cable and brace a tree. I love climbing the most. In fact, that what drew me to tree servicing? I was so good that my boss and number one investor encourage going to school and getting a business and arboriculture degree. He said that if I successfully complete my program he would give me the money to open up my own tree service business. Therefore, that is exactly what I did.

To me it seem like a natural fit for me to enter into the tree service industry. As far back as I can remember I have loved the outdoors. I remember as a kid skipping school to climb trees and walk the trails through the woods in my back yard. Always discovering and noting the different type of trees, plants, and animals, I came across. As a present, my grandpa give me a camera, so I can document my findings. I would spend hours in those woods.

When I was in high school, the fitness center, added a rock-climbing wall. It was neat too. With its different levels of difficulties depending which area, you scale. After my first attempt, I fell in love. In addition, it was immediately that I decided I wanted to be a rock climber. Instead of throwing myself in to nature and now shifted my focus to rock climbing. Let me tell you I was great too. Not too long after I started, I gain some national recognition. I was approach by a company that sold fitness equipment and shoes. They ask if they could sponsor me. After discussion with my parents and our lawyer, we came to an agreement with the company. I was a sophomore in high school and sponsored athlete. It was amazing. However, my junior year I was involved in an accident injured my hands.


After graduating, I did a few odd jobs trying to figure out what to do with my life like a towing job. My cousin, Zayn, told me about a place that was hiring. Looking for tree climbers. He said with my rock climbing background I would be a great tree climber. With nothing to lose and nothing to else going on, I applied for the position. I was later hired.

At first, the people treated like a kid. It took a while for some of them to warm up to me. Nevertheless, once they realize that I could climb, I knew a little bit about trees, and a quick study I had earned their respect. In addition, they stopped treating my like a child and started treating me like a climber.

My boss noticing how quickly I noticed everything soon started showing me the business side of things. I was going over some spreadsheets when he approached me with the offer. Go to school and upon graduating, he will give me the money to start my own business. He said he saw something in me that he has never seen in any other employee.

That all was over twenty years ago. I now have a three lawn care services locations throughout southwestern Michigan, two in Indiana, one in both Illinois and Ohio. Just last week my old boss approached me about consolidating our businesses and creating a franchise. Sometimes you just have to toughen up to get stronger.

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